Officiating in the New Millennium 

At this time the DigiRef™ app is only available on the Series 3 Apple Watch.

Please be patient as we are working on various updates to operate more efficiently. Thank You ! 

Essential Watch Features

Game Clock 
Time-keeping made simple with an easy-to-use clock interface. Customize the clock from the App to create your own experience and run your games quickly and efficiently.
Play Clock 
Precisely track timeouts for both teams with the touch of a button. Timekeeping and timeout number tracking is integrated into the interface to keep you and your team of referees informed and in control.
Two customizable play clocks allow for seamless game control, resettable with a simple touch.
Smooth, connected down transitions and a simple tap controlled possession interface. Haptic notifications keep your team on the same page, alerting your entire team if any of them do not have the same down marked.

"Our application gives you and your team of referees control over every aspect of the game with a simple interface allowing you to control timeouts, penalties, play clocks, and the game clock, complete with automated game reports generated from your game input. "


Other Features

Digiref Phone login
Penalties tracked from your watch automatically sync to the phone app for your review in post-game.
Game Report
Game reports are automatically compiled with complete penalty data, time stamps, and the ability to dictate additional data on a play by play basis. Export your reports to an excel file to create a thorough summary of every game you referee.

Officiating at the Next Level!


To purchase the DigiRef App, please subscribe to the annual purchase price of $29.99.