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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which smart watches is Digi Ref compatible with?


A. The DigiRef app is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3.

Q. Can I use Digi Ref without a smart watch?

A. DigiRef must be used with the watch and phone together.

Q. Do I need my mobile phone with me while officiating a contest?


A. Your mobile phone is not required if you have the Apple Watch Series 3. The phone is required for Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, but the watch is the only device that must be visible.

Q.  Do I need internet or wifi for Digi Ref to work?

A.  The Internet is not required.

Q. Is Digi Ref compatible with Android devices?

A. No, at this time the DigiRef app is only available on iOS devices.

Q. Can I download my games from Arbiter to the iPhone?


A.Games from Arbiter can be downloaded to the iPhone. 

Q. How many games can be downloaded at one time to the iPhone?

A. It is recommended that one game at a time be downloaded. 


Q. What format can I download the game report to?

A. Game reports can be downloaded to Excel.

Q. Where is Digi Ref currently used?

A. DigiRef is currently being used in the US at the high school and collegiate level of football.

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